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The Guardian

Bee aware: do you know what is in that cheap jar of honey?

British beekeepers are calling for a requirement on supermarkets and other retailers to label cheap honey imports from China and other nations with the country of origin after claims that part of the global supply is bulked out with sugar syrup.
Daily Mail

Has China Messed With Your Honey?

Pure, golden honey spread on hot buttered toast, spooned over fresh yoghurt or drizzled on a pancake — these are among life's great culinary delights. As Winnie-the-Pooh sang in Disney's 2011 film: 'Oh what a sight, oh what a dream, dive in the wonderful, honeyful stream!'
South Dakota Public Broadcasting

US Beekeepers Challenged by Honey Fraud

When you think of fraud, honey may not come to mind - that is unless you’re a U.S. beekeeper.